Donate and Dine

Our local restaurants have supported local schools, sports teams and clubs through “Dine and Donate” events.  The school organizes their community to go to the restaurant, and in turn, the restaurant gives a portion of the proceeds back to the school. 

With the Covid19 outbreak, our favorite local restaurants are in a very tough financial spot.   What better time to give back for all they have given to the community, than to flip the event and organize community wide “Donate and Dine” event.   

The idea is that we would choose a local establishment and promote them to the community – for everyone to go and either donate, buy gift cards, or order take-out/delivery (if offered) – and in the case of a gift card – you can dine with them at a later date (hence – Donate and Dine).  


We are looking for a local volunteer to help organize a calendar for these events.   Would you be willing to help?   If so, Contact Us today!